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Revised Goals 2015.pdf

Program Assessment and Program Review

Department Chair: Rick Manzano

MISSION STATEMENT for Paralegal Department 

This American Bar Association (ABA) approved program is designed to prepare the student to work in a paraprofessional capacity as an assistant to an attorney in a law firm, governmental agency or corporation as defined by section 6450 of the California Business and Professions Code. The paralegal performs many tasks normally handled by an attorney, such as preparing forms and pleadings, interviewing clients and witnesses, legal research and document organization. Strong English skills, computer knowledge and good organizational skills are an asset in this profession. A paralegal/Legal Assistant as defined by California Business and Professions Code 6450is qualified by education.

Degrees & Certificates Offered

When students complete the program they will be able to:
1. Make ethical decisions in the workplace
1. Students will complete the Para 121 Ethics class
2. Students will incorporate ethical standards in the Law Office Management class through problem solving and discussion board discussions.
2. Understand legal concepts
1. Students will demonstrate legal concepts in the legal specialty classes through examination and practical exercises.
2. Students will draft law office memorandum and appellate briefs in the Advanced Legal writing class incorporating analysis of legal concepts.
3. Communicate effectively orally and in writing
1. Students will draft law office memorandum.
2. Students will use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
3. Students will create client correspondence.
4. Be proficient in using legal technology
1. Students will demonstrate the use of the Microsoft suite (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) in their completion of assignments.
2. Students will complete assignments using legal specific software.
5. Exhibit critical thinking skills
1. Students will analyze cases related to the legal specialty classes.
2. Students will analyze fact patters to demonstrate the application of legal concepts to fact patterns.
The Paralegal program at Santa Ana College is an ABA approved program that meets the requirements of California Business and Professions code 6450.

Note: This American Bar Association approved program is not intended to prepare the student for the practice of law. Paralegals are not allowed to practice law in the state of California. This program is intended to prepare the student to perform legal services under the direct supervision of an active member of the California State Bar as set forth in the Business and Professions code 6450 and the Rules of Professional Responsibility which may be reviewed on the
California State Bar WEB site:  


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