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What are students saying about BA classes . . .


Hispanic female student typing on computer


​"I took Illustrator last semester and now I'm taking Photoshop this semester. I design announcements at my job and it is so easy for me now. I want to continue taking these classes because I can use it at work and for personal use. While we have lecture, we get to have hands-on practice so it's easier to understand the assignment and how to use the software. With classes like these, you get plenty of practice with the program. The lectures include everything we need to know for a job. Everything we learn seems easy after attending class lectures." 
~ Sandra G., BA 166 Adobe Illustrator and BA 164 Adobe Photoshop Student

Male Student photo

​"I took the BA 188 Microsoft Excel class to learn how to make spreadsheets for my personal tax filings. However, when I told my boss about it, he was impressed and wants me to generate some spreadsheets for the company. The class is very thorough and covers a wide spectrum of Microsoft Excel applications. After taking this class, I'm capable of producing any spreadsheet or chart needed by my employer and for my personal use."  
~ Austen, BA 188 Microsoft Excel Student
Asian male student typing on computer

"I took Adobe InDesign and Photoshop for personal interest and to improve my media profile. What's different about taking these classes compared to other classes is you get real-world information required to design projects in a hands-on learning environment. I think it is a must to take these courses if you want to catch up with current skills required in today's workplace. And, of course, you increase your chances of getting hired." 
~ Khoa N., BA 170 Adobe InDesign and BA 164 Adobe Photoshop Student
femail student typing on computer

"The BA Adobe classes really helped me to understand and utilize the key functions and 
proper use of Adobe programs which I originally taught myself and use all the time in my job. Now I really know the full power of all the features and shortcuts to create my projects much faster and making me more efficient. The classes are relevant to real life while cutting through all the unnecessary sections and making retention easier."
~ Susan B., BA 164 Photoshop, BA 166 Illustrator, and BA 170 InDesign Student


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