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A​A Degree in Theatre Arts -Technical Theatre

The associate in arts degree in Technical Theatre degree provides a fundamental exploration of Theatre Arts focusing on the technical elements that support performers and enhance performances.  It is designed to prepare the student for entry level technical careers such as stage technician, lighting technician, sound technician, master electrician, scenic carpenter, stage manager, and other related careers. This degree provides a more flexible and diverse study plan in comparison to the associate in arts degree for transfer.  Not all courses are transferrable.


Core Courses: 9 units from the following courses

​Theatre Arts 100​
Theatre Arts 105
​Introduction to the Theatre

Theatre​ History I

​Theatre Arts 110 ​Fundamentals of Acting ​3
​Theatre Arts 131 ​Stagecraft ​3

​Plus an additional 9 units from the following courses:

​Theatre Arts 132 Stage Makeup 3
​Theatre Arts 133 Stage Lighting ​3
​Theatre Arts 135 ​Technical Production 1
​Theatre Arts 136 ​Fundamentals of Costume Design ​3
​Theatre Arts 150 ​Theatre Production ​2
​Theatre Arts 165 & 165L ​Introduction to Intelligent Lighting and Lab 1.5,   .5
​Theatre Arts 166 & 166L Intermediate ​Programming and Lab 1,      1
Theatre Arts​ 167 Set Up for Intelligent Lighting 1
​Theatre Arts 168A ​Computer Applications for Entertainment Lighting ​2.5
​Theatre Arts 170 ​Entertainment Technology Internship 1-3
​Theatre Arts 198 ​Topics 2
​Theatre Arts 250 Advanced Theatre Production ​2
​TV/Video 161 Fundamentals of Audio for TV and Film ​1.5
TV/Video 260 Lighting Systems and Techniques​ ​1.5
See your academic advisor for all General Education requirements for the A.A. degree