The Entertainment Lighting Technology Certificate program provides a hands-on educational training with a focus on emerging lighting systems through the study of automated fixtures and varied control consoles, including contemporary computer apps used for show design, visualization, project management and support documentation. Students will become proficient in the utilization of both conventional and automated lighting technologies commonly used in concerts, dance performances, television, theatre, theme parks, sports arenas, houses of worship, industrial applications, and more. Students will develop the fundamental skills necessary to assist them in pursuing career paths such as:
Entertainment Lighting Technician
Moving Light Programmer
Console Operator
Moving Light Technician
Master Electrician
Assistant Lighting Designer


Required Core Courses: 14.5 units
THEA 131 Stagecraft
THEA 133          
Stage Lighting 3
THEA 165​​ & 165L ​Introduction to Intelligent Lighting and Lab 1.5,   .5
THEA 1​66 & 166L​ Programming for Intelligent Lights and Lab 1,        1
THEA 167​​ ​Set Up for Intelligent Lights 1
THEA 168A​​ ​Computer Applications for Stage Lighting ​2.5
​​THEA 170 Internship for Intelligent Lighting ​1
Plus a minimum of 3 units from the following courses: 
THEA 135 ​Technical Production ​1
THEA 150​​ Theatre Production​​ ​2
                                                                                         TOTAL:  17.5