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Library of Congress Classification

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Class Description
table of content    GENERAL WORKS
    AE Encyclopedias
    AY Almanacs
    B-BD Philosophy
    BF Psychology
    BH-BJ Aesthetics & Ethics
    Bl-BX  Religion
    CB History of Civilization
    CC Archaeology
    CT General Biography
table of content   HISTORY:  GENERAL AND OLD WORLD
    D World History
    DA-DR European History
    DJK-DK Eastern Europe, Russia & Poland
    DS  Asia 
    DT  Africa
    DU Australia, New Zealand
table of content E 11-143 America 
    E 151-     United States History (includes African-American Studies at E 185)
    F 1-975  United States Local History (includes St. Louis at F 474 & Missouri at F 466)
    F 1001- Other Countries (includes Canada, & countries of Central & South America)
    G-GB  Geography
    GE  Environmental Sciences
    GF  Human Ecology
    GN Anthropology
    GT Manners & Customs
    GV Recreation & Leisure
table of content   SOCIAL SCIENCES
    HA  Statistics
    HB-HD Economics
    HE Transportation & Communication (includes radio & television broadcasting)
    HF Commerce (includes business admin., accounting, advertising & marketing)
    HG Finance
    HJ Public Finance
    HM-HS Sociology
         HM General Sociology (includes mass media communication, public opinion, & public  relations)
         HQ Family, Marriage, & Women
    HT Communities, Classes, & Races
    HV Social Pathology, Social & Public Welfare, & Criminology
    HX Socialism, Communism, & Anarchism
table of content   POLITICAL SCIENCE
    JF  Constitutional History & Government Administration
    JK  United States
    JS  Local Governments (municipal, etc.)
    JX International Law & International Relations
table of content   LAW
    KF United States Law
table of content   EDUCATION
    LA   History of Education 
    LB Theory and Practice of Education
    LC Education of Exceptional Individuals
table of content   MUSIC
N table of content   FINE ARTS
table of content   LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE
    P Philosophy/Linguistics (incl mass media communication, composition, rhetoric)
    PA Classical Languages and Literature
    PB Celtic Languages and Literatures 
    PC Romance Languages (Italian, French, Catalan, Spanish & Portuguese)
    PD Germanic Languages (Old Germanic, Norwegian, Icelandic, Danish & Swedish)
    PE English Language
    PF West Germanic Languages (Dutch, Flemish, Friesian & German)
    PG Slavic (includes Russian), Baltic & Albanian Languages and Literature
    PJ-PM Oriental Languages & Literatures (includes Egyptian, Coptic, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, & American Indian)
    PN Literary History & Collections (includes prose, poetry, drama, speech, debate & journalism)
    PQ Romance Literatures
    PR English Literature
    PS American Literature
    PT Germanic Literatures (includes German, Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans & Scandinavian)
    PZ Children's Literature
table of content   SCIENCE
    Q General Science
    QA Mathematics (includes computer science)
    QB Astronomy
    QC  Physics (includes light, spectroscopy, meteorology & climatology)
    QD Chemistry
    QE Geology
    QH Natural History & General Biology
    QK Botany
    QL Zoology
    QM Human Anatomy
    QP Physiology
    QR Microbiology
table of content   MEDICINE
    R General Medicine (includes Biomedical Engineering at R856-857)
    RA Aspects of Medicine (includes public health & toxicology)
    RC Practice of Medicine (incl. spch & language disorders, psychiatry & geriatrics)
    RF Ear (includes audiology), Nose & Throat
    RJ Pediatrics (incl. autistic, hyperactive, learning/behaviorally disordered children)
table of content   AGRICULTURE
table of content   TECHNOLOGY
  T General Technology
    TA General Engineering
    TD Environmental Technology
    TJ Mechanical Engineering & Machinery
    TK  Electrical Engineering, Electronics, & Nuclear Engineering
    TL Motor Vehicles, Aeronautics & Astronautics
    TP Chemical Technology (includes biotechnology) 
    TR Photography 
    TS Manufacturers (includes production, industries & products) 
table of content   MILITARY SCIENCE
table of content   NAVAL SCIENCE
table of content   BIBLIOGRAPHY (All subjects).  LIBRARY SCIENCE 


 Last updated 11/15/2011 table of content


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