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Procedure for Modifying E-Book Records

Step 1: Place cursor at the 856 field.

Step 2: Press Ctrl +Alt + 1

  • Remove ‡3 from the 856 field
  • Change the text in 856 ‡z to “Click here to view electronic book”

Before à          856 4b       ‡3 Bibliographic record display ‡u ‡z An electronic book accessible through the World Wide Web; click for information
After à             856 4b       ‡u ‡z Click here to view electronic book

  • Uncheck the Bib Record's “Suppress from OPAC” box

Step 3: Place cursor at the 655 field

Step 4: Press Ctrl + Alt + 2

  • Modify ‡2 in the 655 field

Before à          655 b7       ‡a Electronic books. ‡2 local
After à             655 b7       ‡a Electronic books. ‡2 lcsh

  • Add call number “Electronic Book” in a 099 field

099                     bb              ‡a Electronic Book

  • Retrieve the MFHD Record
  • Change the Call Number text in 852 field ‡h to “Electronic Book”

Before à          852 0b       ‡b INT ‡h JK516 ‡i .J66 2005eb
After à             852 8b       ‡b INT ‡h Electronic Book

  • Uncheck the MFHD Record’s “Suppress from OPAC” box

Step 5: Save the MFHD Record to the Voyager database

Step 6: Save Bib Record to the Voyager database

Note: Remove all non-LC Subject Headings (650 with 2nd indicator non zero).