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Library Policy - Class Visits

​The Nealley Library is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to study and research as well as welcoming to all users.  We try to find a balance among a variety of uses of library resources—individual study needs, research consultations with reference librarians, library business transactions at other service desks, quiet small group studying in open areas—while providing an environment that is conducive to study.

To this end, the Library has an obligation to lessen distractions/activities that compromise our objectives to provide students with: 1) a place for quiet concentration and study space within this facility; and 2) access to research/information resources. It is with this in mind that this policy regarding class visits, i.e., library class visits conducted in library open space/reference areas by the classroom instructor, was developed.

Any class visit—its individual members and collectively as a group, is subject to the Library’s policies and Standards of Conduct.

  • Library class visits for purposes other than formal instructional sessions conducted by library faculty must be scheduled and confirmed with the Reference Librarian either in person, at the library, or by telephone by calling (714) 564-6708; the following is required:
    • Name of instructor
    • Course name
    • Date and time
    • Date and time of class visit
    • Number of students participating
    • Assignment students will be researching in the library
    • Scheduled a week in advance of the actual visit
  • Only one class at a time can be accommodated.
  • Computer stations and study/seating areas cannot be reserved and/or set aside for class visits.
  • During peak usage times, the Library reserves the right to limit class visits.

April 19, 2004