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​SCE ESL Department adopted The House on Mango Street to use in class discussions and writings.  A classroom set of the novel was provided to SCE courtesy of SAC Student Services and the Nealley Library.  
Susan Gaer’s ESL III class actively participated in discussions and writings based on their reading of The House on Mango Street.  Please see the class web site for sample of student writings. 

Articulating classes: ESL Non Credit and Credit

In an effort to work together across campuses and increase matriculation to college credit, students in Melanie Mowrer's  EMLS 107 class wrote Letters to Incoming Students to CEC Basic Skills classes last semester.  The letters included a treasure trove of information about what it is like to be a student at SAC.  The letters provided information about the necessity of meeting with a counselor, the registration process, and tips on how to be successful in class.The letters were well received by both students and instructors at CEC.  The EMLS 107 students included their email addresses and offered to answer any additional questions that CEC students might have about life at SAC.  Several curious CEC students jumped on the opportunity and wrote or emailed back with questions they had about coming over to SAC. Melanie Mowrer and Susan Gaer plan to continue with the letter writing campaign  as well as additional cooperative activities between campuses this semester.

On April 14, 2010, Melanie Mowrer and Susan Gaer coordinated their classes to have a book discussion on “The House on Mango Street”. We created a handout to facilitate the discussion, attached.. Susan had 17 students attend from CEC and Melanie had 23 students.

Because Melanie’s class meets from 1-4 and Susan’s class meets from 3-6, we chose the time of 3-4 for the book discussion. Susan’s class arrived right on time and were welcomed with a big “Hello” from Melanie’s class making her class feel at ease. Students were divided into groups, and using the handout worked on answering the questions.  A warm and lively discussion ensued among the classes for more than 40 minutes.  Then Melanie and Susan led a whole group discussion where students from each group stood up and provided answers to the questions.

Maria Sugranes stopped by during the book discussion and joined  the classes.

At 4:00pm Luisa Ruiz came to take Susan’s class on a Tour where they visited the Library, Tutoring center, Computer center and obtained IDs. Students were very excited to find out that their IDs worked in the Library and Computer Lab.

There was a special surprise visit from Norm Fujimoto where he made students feel like SAC was their home. In fact he said, they should come and visit him if they had any problems. That made the class feels comfortable and wanted. Based on this experience, the students said that they now feel more comfortable and are planning on attending SAC at some point in their educational program.

The House of Mango Street is a seminal work in Latina writing and in Hispanic Literature.