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​​Program involved: Freshman Experience Program

Professors who participated:  31 Fall 2010 Freshman Experience Faculty

Number of students involved:  250 students from various FEP cohorts. For details of program activity, see below.

Method used to incorporate work: The Freshman Experience Program(FEP) incorporated the SAC Book of the Year, The Last Lecture, into their Fall activities. Folded into this activity were the OnCourse Successful Student Strategies. FEP Faculty was asked to invite, and prepare students for the program in any way they felt appropriate.  Some students read the entire book, others excerpts of the book, others watched a 10-minute version of the lecture, etc.

Approximately 250 Freshman Experience Program students viewed the entire video of the Last Lecture in Phillips Hall on October 28th. They were provided a short intro before viewing the video, and time to debrief after. As an ‘in-viewing’ exercise, students were provided with a guide sheet that asked students to identify key actions, beliefs, and attitudes that Randy Pausch exhibited that fit into the OnCourse strategies they had also been studying.

Upon completion of the viewing, a pre-selected group of students were asked to come on stage to share their reactions to the video. This served as an example of the dialogue we hoped they would engage in as a result of viewing the lecture. Students were then asked to form small groups where they then discussed the video in the context of the OnCourse strategies, and the direct application of what they learned to their behaviors, actions, and beliefs as students here at SAC.

Outcomes:  Photos of the event are linked to this sentence.

Faculty feelings regarding the process and the result of activity: "Personally, I was very pleased. :-)"  (Steve Bautista)

Will you be using the lecture, or the book again this Spring 2011 semester? "I think we (FEP Leadership) are all open to supporting SAC’s Book of the Year efforts. The activities might change from year to year depending on the book and its connection to our program. But I think we’d all be supportive of continuing the efforts of the last two years (with House on Mango Street and this year)."


"​We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."