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Psychology 100 & 250 (Fall 2010)

Course(s) involved:  Psych 100, Introduction to Psychology (5 sections), and Psych 250, Introduction to Abnormal Psychology (one section)

Professor(s) who participated:  Jeff Pedroza

Number of students involved:  190 Psych 100 students, and 38 Psych 250 students

Method(s) used to incorporate work: Students were given the option to watch the video, or read the book, The Last Lecture. Students were asked to write a 2-page “relate” paper. First they were asked to write a brief summary of the video or book, then they had to relate it to a concept(s) in the class textbook, and finally they had provide their thoughts on how they could relate the work or part of the work to their lives.

Outcomes: Approximately 85% of students commented on how worthwhile this assignment was. The following (and other similar comments), were not solicited by the instructor, they were volunteered by many of the students: “What a wonderful book”; “I learned so much about my own life”; “It really put things into perspective”; “I will not complain about the small things again”; “What an inspiration”; “I realize my parents are heroes too!”

Faculty feelings regarding the process and the result of activity: “I was very pleased I offered this assignment…”

Will you be using the lecture or the book in your class(es) again this Spring 2011 semester?  “…. will do so again with my 2 sections of Psych 250, and 4 sections of Psych 100 this semester (Spring 2011)”.

"​We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."