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EOPS/CARE Associate Dean:   Christine Leon     


        Maria Carranza - Program Specialist
        Irma Fernandez - Counseling Assistant
        Blythe Paz- Administrative Secretary
        Deborah Gossett- EOPS/CalWORKS Clerk
        Miriam Ulloa-Velarde - Counseling Assistant     


        Ann Lockhart -CARE & CalWORKs Counselor/Coordinator
        Jane Mathis - EOPS Counselor
        Madeleine Nguyen- EOPS Counselor
        Annette Bui- EOPS Adjunct Counselor
        Ed Aldas- EOPS Adjunct Counselor
        Leo Pastrana- EOPS Adjunct Counselor
        Maria Estrada- EOPS Adjunct Counselor
        Sabrina Jenkins- EOPS Adjunct Counselor
        Sylvia Sanchez- EOPS Adjunct Counselor
        Tammy Camacho- EOPS Adjunct Counselor
        Maria Castellanos- EOPS & CalWORKs Adjunct Counselor
        Al Molina -CalWORKs Adjunct Counselor 

Tutorial/Resource Center Staff:

        Gabriela Sanchez- EOPS Resource Center Faculty Coordinator
        Juan Cabrera - Tutor
        Guadalupe Romero - Tutor
        Kimberly Hinau- Tutor
        Jorge Medina- Tutor
        Aileen Murphy - Tutor
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