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Mission and Philosophy

​​Mission of the Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Program

The mission of the Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Program is in keeping with the mission of Santa Ana College in that it provides students with a rich, skill based learning environment that recognizes the diversity each student brings to his or her education.  It encompasses the genuine respect and desire to embrace all cultural diversities and individual uniqueness.  It provides the students with the competencies they will need to meet the criteria established by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association through academic course work, clinical observations, field experiences and workplace behaviors for performing assistant level job requirements in assisting the speech-language pathologist in providing quality services to individuals with communication disorders.

The Mission of the Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Program is:

(1) to provide a strong foundation in the skills and knowledge necessary for the development of competencies needed to work productively and responsibly as a speech-language pathology assistant

(2) to provide a program that encourages and values the richness of diversity in its students and the population it is trained to serve

(3) to provide the necessary skills, resources and learning environment that encourages lifelong learning

(4) to provide learning experiences that foster a positive environment that emphasizes respect for the individual and development of the student’s personal and academic growth in assisting in the provision of quality services to individuals with communication disorders.

Philosophy of Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Program

The ability to communicate is the essence of all humanity.  It is through speech and language that we express our thoughts, ideas, and our feelings - that we reach out and touch one another and form interpersonal relationships.  Speech and language form the building blocks of all learning.  Problems in communicating affect success in school, in getting and keeping a job and in establishing and maintaining relationships with others.  The Speech-Language Pathologist helps give people the words they need to make connections with family, colleagues and friends and to achieve the communication skills they need to be successful in life.  The speech-language pathology assistant provides the speech-language pathologist with support and assistance that can make a difference in peoples’ lives by bringing quality services to help people overcome communication disorders.