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Associate Degrees for Transfer (AA-Ts and AS-Ts) are designed for students planning to transfer to a CSU campus.  A counselor can help you determine if one of these degrees is right for you.  The California State University also provides information about these degrees.

Santa Ana College offers the following Associate Degrees for Transfer:

Admin Justice AAT.docxAdministration of Justice

Art History ('13-'14 SAC catalog addendum p. 10)

Business Administration ('13-'14 SAC catalog addendum p. 10) 

AST Comp Sci.docxComputer Science - SAC will begin awarding this degree in Fall 2014

Communication Studies ('13-'14 SAC catalog p. 61) 

Early Childhood Education ('13-'14 SAC catalog addendum p. 12)

Elementary Teacher Education ('13-'14 SAC catalog p. 69)

English.docxEnglish - SAC will begin awarding this degree in Fall 2014

AAT Geography (1).docxGeography - SAC will begin awarding this degree in Fall 2014

Geology ('13-'14 SAC catalog addendum p. 11)

AAT History.docxHistory - SAC will begin awarding this degree in Fall 2014

Journalism ('13-'14 SAC catalog addendum p. 9)

Kinesiology ('13-'14 SAC catalog addendum p. 12)

Math ('13-'14 SAC catalog addendum p. 13)

Music ('13-'14 SAC catalog addendum for p. 13)

Political Science ('13-'14 SAC catalog p. 103)

Psychology ('13-'14 SAC catalog p. 104) 

Sociology ('13-'14 SAC catalog p. 106) 

Spanish AA-T.docxSpanish - SAC will begin awarding this degree in Fall 2014

Studio Arts AAT.docxStudio Arts

Theatre Arts ('13-'14 SAC catalog p. 110)

In order to receive all Associate Degree for Transfer guarantees/benefits, the CSU campus to which you are transferring must have identified your particular transfer degree as "similar" to your CSU major/concentration. Click here for a listing of "similar" majors/concentrations at each CSU campus - scroll to the bottom and then click on the second link under Available Degree Pathways.

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