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Independent Study

Independent study allows students to pursue projects under faculty advisement and supervision. The projects may be directed field experience, research, or development of skills and competencies. Independent study credit may be earned in any discipline. Transfer credit is indicated as Independent Study 199.

Independent study projects are normally for one unit of credit and require a minimum of 48 hours of directed work per unit of credit. Within the 48 hour minimum the instructor meets with each student on a weekly basis for at least one hour or a minimum of 16 hours for each one-unit project. The proposed project must be approved by the supervising instructor and the dean, with notification to the Vice President, Academic Affairs. Normally projects are for one unit. Independent study may be repeated for credit for a maximum of three units. Recommended projects of more than one unit must also have prior approval from the Vice President, Academic Affairs. Independent study is offered on a Pass/No Pass basis.

Independent study projects are normally undertaken in the department or division of the student's academic major. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by both the division dean of the student's academic major and the division dean to which the student is applying for exception.

To be eligible for independent study a student must be concurrently enrolled in at least one other class at either Santa Ana College or Santiago Canyon College and must show evidence of competence in his academic major and the area in which he proposes to do independent study.