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Grade and Grade Point Average

Grades are based upon the quality of work done; that is, upon actual accomplishment in courses offered for credit. Credit by examination, Pass/No Pass, "W's," "MW's," "IP's" and "I's" are not figured into grade point averages. The grade point average is computed by dividing all other units attempted into all grade points received. The meaning of each grade and its value in grade points is as follows:

Grade​ Grade Points​
A​ ​Excellent ​4 points per unit earned
​B ​Good ​3 points per unit earned
​C ​Satisfactory ​2 points per unit earned
​D ​Passing, less than satisfactory ​1 point per unit earned
​F ​Failing ​0 points per unit earned
​P ​Pass (Formerly CR - Credit) ​0 points per unit earned
​NP ​No Pass (Formerly NC - No Credit ​0 points per unit earned
​W ​Withdrawal ​0 (no units earned)
​MW ​Military Withdrawal ​​0 (no units earned)
​I ​Incomplete ​​0 (no units earned)
​IP ​In Progress ​​0 (no units earned)
​RD ​Report Delayed ​​0 (no units earned)
​UF ​Unauthorized Withdrawal ​​0 (no units earned)
​WF ​Withdrawal, Failing ​​0 (no units earned)
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