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The Executive Cabinet provides direction and vision for student programming and works with the Senate to provide meaningful feedback on important campus issues.

President: The official representative of the Associated Students of Santa Ana College, responsible for assisting in the formulation and direction of ASG programs and activities as set forth in the current ASG budget as well as other approved programs and activities. Chairs the Executive Cabinet and attends Senate meetings, College Council meetings, Board of Trustees meetings, and appoints students to various participatory governance committees. The president may receive a stipend each Fall and Spring semester (based upon evaluation).

Vice-President: Assumes the responsibility of the president in his/her absence. Prepares agendas and chairs the ASG Senate. Attends and reports at the Executive Cabinet meetings. Represents Associated Students, along with the President, at appropriate ceremonial, social, and political occasions. Performs other duties as requested by the president. The vice president may receive a stipend each Fall and Spring semester (based upon evaluation).

Treasurer: Responsible for monitoring all ASG finances and chairs the ASG Finance Committee. Advises the president concerning ASG finances, maintains accurate and updated financial records, coordinates purchases of supplies and equipment for ASG, and works closely with college staff and administrators who oversee ASG accounts. While not finalized yet, the ASG budget will be approximately $68,000 for the 2012-2013 year, which is generated from sales of the student services sticker. The Treasurer may receive a stipend per Fall and Spring semester (based upon evaluation).

Commissioners: Commissioners are not elected; they are appointed by the ASG President. Commissioners act as advisors to the student body president in their given area of responsibility. Commissioners are responsible for carrying out campus programming and creating awareness on issues as directed by the ASG President. There may be up to 11 Cabinet members, including the student body president and vice president. Cabinet meetings are held Mondays at 1:30 pm in U-106 and are chaired by the student body president. Commissioners may receive a stipend per Fall and Spring Semester (based upon evaluation).

Mondays: 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Johnson Center Room U-106

2013-2014 Executive Agendas & Minutes​ 2013-2014 Executive Cabinet​

Spring 2014        

Feb 10, 2014         
Agenda | Minutes
Feb 24, 2014         Agenda | Minutes
Mar 03, 2014         Agenda | Minutes
Mar 10, 2014         Agenda | Minutes
Mar 17, 2014         
Agenda | Minutes
Mar 24, 2014         Agenda | Minutes 
Mar 31, 2014         
Agenda | Minutes
April 14, 2014       Agenda | Minutes
April 21, 2014       Agenda | Minutes
April 28, 2014       Agenda | Minutes
May 05, 2014        Agenda | Minutes
May 12, 2014        Agenda | Minutes


Fall 2013

Sept 09, 2013      Agenda | Minutes
Sept 16, 2013      Agenda | Minutes
Sept 23, 2013      Agenda Minutes
Sept 30, 2013      Agenda | Minutes
Oct 07, 2013        Agenda | Minutes
Oct 14, 2013        Agenda | Minutes
Oct 21, 2013        Agenda | Minutes
Oct 28, 2013        Agenda | Minutes
Nov 04, 2013       Agenda | Minutes
Nov 11, 2013       No Meeting                                Holiday
Nov 18, 2013       Agenda | Minutes
Nov 25, 2013       Agenda | Minutes
Dec 02, 2013                  
Dec 09, 2013       No meeting-Finals

Luis Correa                            RSCCD Student Trustee​
Jorge Sandoval (picture​)        ASG President

Brian Perez                              ASG Vice-President
Eric De Rosas                          ASG Treasurer
Kimberly Dietz                         Executive Clerk 
Lilia Brito                                 ICC President
Eduardo Gallegos                   Activities Commissioner
Marisol Zamora                       Cultural 
Awareness                                                      Commissioner
Leticia Perez                             Health Awareness Commissioner 
Mario Quintero-Salazar           Environmental Awareness  

                                                   Legislative Commissioner
Elmer Garcia                            Publicity/Public Relations 
Michael Arrieta                        Recruitment Commissioner



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