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Math Fundamentals 2

Unit 6 Percent

Practice Test

Fractions, decimals and percentage conversion

Percentage Proportion

Extra word problems

Unit 7 Algebra: Expressions and Equations

Practice Test

One-step equations (page 156)

Scientific notation (page 162)

Two-step equations (page 165)

Solving equations with fractions (page 165)

Multi-step equations (page 169)

Using equations to solve word problems (page 171) 

Unit 8 Algebra: Functions, Graphs, and Inequalities

Practice Test

Functions (page 178)

Graphing equation extra practice (page 182)

Find slope of a graph (page 184)

Find the slope using the slope formula (page 185)

Solve inequalities (page 187)

Unit 9 Geometry

Practice Test

Perimeter, Area and Volume formulas

Surface area of rectangle prism (page 204)

Unit 10 Measurement, Ratios and Proportions 

Practice Test

Unit Measurements

Pythagorean theorems (page 229)