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9. Calendar of Events

Rob's Faculty Page

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FALL 2014 Supplemental Flex.pdf

Spring 2014 Supplemental Flex.pdf

FALL 2013 Supplemental Flex.pdf

The flex calendar is for all teachers of Rancho Santiago Community College Programs and geared specifically for Continuing Education instructors.  Each month, continuing education faculty will receive an update of flex activities completed.  The calendar will help those who have not yet completed flex opportunities afforded to them. 


Please be mindful of the following information:


·       Completing your flex obligation is required for most teachers.
·       The final date to complete flex per the CEFA contract is December 1 and May 1.
·       Completion of the Student Success Certificates is not required.
·       Further workshops will be advertised as they become available.
·       We strongly encourage continuing education faculty in the Santa Ana area to complete the planning form with your plans if you have not completed flex.  This form is on the last page of the document above.