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Classes Offered in Geology and Earth Science

Geology 101 ​3 Introduction to Geology
​Geology 101L ​1 ​Introduction to Geology Laboratory
Geology 112 ​1 Earthquakes
​Geology 140 ​3 ​Environmental Geology
​Geology 150(H) ​3 ​Introduction to Oceanography (Honors)
​Geology 162 1​ ​​Geologic Field Studies of the Mojave Desert
​Geology 164 ​2 ​Geologic Field Studies of Eastern Sierra Nevada
​Geology 168 ​1 ​Geologic Field Studies of Owens Valley
Geology 169 ​1 ​Geologic Field Studies of San Diego County
​Geology 170 ​1 ​Geologic Field Studies of the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
​Geology 171 ​1 ​Geologic Field Studies of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
​Geology 172 ​2 ​Geologic Field Studies of California Coast
​Geology 173 ​1 ​Geologic Field Studies of Death Valley
​Geology 174 ​1 ​Geologic Field Studies of Joshua Tree National Park
​Geology 201 ​4 ​Historical Geology
​Earth Science 110 (H) ​3 ​Introduction to Earth Science (Honors)
​Earth Science 115 ​4 ​Earth Science for Educators
​Earth Science 150 (H) ​3 ​Introduction to Oceanography (Honors)


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