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Sample Registration Work Sheet


13th Grade​ ​
First Semester​ ​Second Semester
Math 080
English 101
Spanish 101
Auto Tech 002 or 006
Auto Tech 032 (Tune-Up)
Alternate: Job Shadowing​
Geography 101
History 118
Auto Tech 022 or 024
Auto Tech 008 (Oxyaacetylene-Arc Welding)
Alternate: Summer School​


14th Grade​ ​
First Semester​ ​Second Semester
Political Science 101
Business 106
Auto Tech 034 (Smog Check)
Auto Tech 054 (Front Ends)
Alternate: Internship
*Auto Tech Courses rotate on a 2-year schedule
Philosophy 111
Auto Tech 036 (Import Fuel Injection)
Auto Tech 062 (AC and Heating)
Accounting 204 or 205
Alternate: Internship​

Note to students:  This is a RSCCD sample registration plan. See a RSCCD Counselor before registration.