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  •  Equipment is to be used by SAC and district personnel only.

  • Equipment may be checked out for 2 days only.

  • If a department has a constant need for a certain type of equipment, that department should purchase this equipment. The Media Systems Manager will assist you with purchasing specifications.

  • The nature of check-out equipment makes it an easy target for theft. Please, do not leave equipment unattended in classrooms, unlocked cars or other unsecured areas.

  • Lost or stolen equipment should be reported to Media Systems and District Safety.

  • Media Systems staff will assist you with check-out and check-in of equipment. Make sure that you sign and date check out cards when equipment is returned.

  • All equipment must be returned to Media Systems at the end of each semester. We need to maintain, repair, and inventory all of our equipment annually.

  • Please report equipment malfunctions to Media Systems staff. (Ext. 6720)

  • All equipment must be reserved 24 hours in advance.

  • Copyright statutes are strictly enforced.