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Child Development Permits

How to Apply for your Child Development Permit

California offers six levels of Child Development Permits, each with its own set of issuance requirements and each authorizing the holder to perform different levels of service in child development programs. The State Permits are issued by the California Department of Education, The same agency that issues Teaching Credentials for Public School Teaching. Permits are required if you work for a school that is funded by the Department of Education or Head Start. 
The permit is useful even if not working in a state or federally funded program. To gain employment in non-state or federally funded programs you will need proof of completed coursework. Typically this is verified through transcripts, but many employers will use the State Permit as verification of course work completion.
Santa Ana College is an Approved “Fast-Tracked” Processing Program. Students and alumni who have process their permits through the child development faculty receive their permits in about 8 weeks compared to the typical 4-6 months for standard processing.
Step By Step Instructions to obtain your Child Development Permit
           Step 1: 
Obtain official transcripts from all colleges you have attended. Typically this is done by contacting the Admissions and Records office where you took the classes. Many have online ordering.  Use the information from your transcripts to determine what level of Child Development Permit Matrix you are qualified to apply for. There are two pathways to qualify for a Permit: Option 1 or Alternative Qualifications. 

Option 1:
Child Development Permit –Pathways and Saddleback Courses Highlighted
Child Development Permit Matrix

Option 2:
Foreign Transcripts:
Foreign Transcript Evaluation Agencies
Students who have received degrees outside of the United States can have their coursework and degrees evaluated for equivalency using the agencies approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Step 2:
All Permits begin with the same two forms from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.  Complete both forms. 

41-4 Application for Credential Authorizing Public School Service

Candidates applying under the “Alternative Qualifications” will also need:
41-EXP Verification of Experience Form
         The Child Development Training Consortium will pay the application and fingerprint processing fees (if applicable) for the following Child Development Permit levels including Permits with a School-Age Emphasis:
        Assistant (first-time and renewal)
     Associate Teacher (first-time, upgrade and renewal)
     Teacher (first-time, upgrade and renewal)
     Upgrades from three lower levels to Master Teacher, Site Supervisor or Program Director
Please note that funding is limited. At such time it is determined that the total permit stipend budget will be expended; permits will be processed according to the following priorities on a first-come, first-serve basis:
         Initial (first-time) permits starting with the lowest level permit
      Permit renewals starting with the lowest level permit
      Permit upgrades starting with the lowest level eligible permit

The Permit Funds Project is funded by
California Department of Education, Child Development Division

If you are eligible for CDTC funding for your Permit complete these two additional forms:

CDTC Application for Child Development Permit Funding
Includes Directions,LiveScanfee reimbursement request, & Verification of Experience

Confidential Profile for Direct Services
This can no longer be submitted in this paper form. Students must complete the CDD profile online and submit the confirmation page only

Step 3:
Once all of your required forms are completed contact one of the Child Development Faculty For Fast-Tracked Permit Processing and Letter of Verification to use while waiting for your actual permit is being finalized by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Susie Valdez,
Gwen Morgan-Beazell,

Step 4:
View and Print your Permit Online


          The Commission on Teacher Credentialing (Commission) will only provide credentials, certificates, and permits through an online view and print process. The Commission will no longer print and mail these documents; they will be available online to colleges, universities, employers and the document holder within 48 hours of issuance. At that time, a document may be printed from the Commission's website.

Check on your Permit Status Here

Search for anyone’s list of permits and credentials Here


 Time to Renew?
Funding is also available for online renewal CDTC will reimburse $55 of the $57 renewal fee for Teacher Permit only (you will need to pay the fees by MasterCard or Visa debit or credit card). Follow the instructions on Insert #3-b in the CDTC Application for Child Development Permit Funding on how to apply for the renewal online and to be reimbursed the $55.00.
Online Renewal Permits offered by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing include Teacher, Master Teacher, Site Supervisor and/or Program Director permits.
Assistant and Associate Teacher Permit holders are NOT eligible to renew their permit online. These permit holders will need to mail their application to renew six months in advance of their permit expiring.






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