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Fire Technology Textbooks & Equipment

Fire Technology 101, Fire Protecti​on Organization
​Textbook  Author
​Intro to Fire Protection Klinoff
​Control Notes                                                               Jeff Ash
​Control Notes                                                               David Verdecia
Control Notes                                                               ​Tom Schultz
Essentials of Fire Fighting (Recommended) IFSTA


​ ​Fire Technology 102, Fire Behavior & Combustion
​Textbook Author
​Essentials of Fire Fighting ​IFSTA
​Emergency Response Guidebook (recommended) ​DOT
​Chemistry Made Simple  (recommended) ​Fred Hess/Arthur Thomas
​Control Notes ​Jeff Ash
​Control Notes ​Mike Samuels
​Control Notes ​Mike Busch
​Control Notes ​David Verdecia
​Control Notes Mike Treanor


Fire Technology 103​, Personal Fire Safety
​Textbook Author
​Occupational Safety in Emergency Services ​Angle/Delmar
​Essentials of Fire Fighting (recommended) IFSTA
​Control Notes Tom Schultz
​Control Notes Mike Samuels
​Control Notes Dennis Childress
​Control Notes ​Mike Treanor


Fire Technology 104, Fire​ ​Prevention Technology
​Textbook Author
​Fire Protection Handbook (recommended) NFPA
​Fire Inspection & Code Enforcement (required) ​IFSTA
​Blaze: The Forensics of Fire (recommended) Nicholas Faith
​Control Notes 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 (optional) ​Brian Springer
​Fire Prevention Applications (required) ​IFSTA
​Say it in Six (optional) ​Hoff
To Sleep with the Angels (optional) ​Cowan


​ ​Fire Technology 105, Building Construction for Fire Protection
​Textbook ​Author
Building Construction for Fire Service ​IFSTA


​ ​Fire Technology 106, Fire Protection Equipment and Systems
​Textbook ​Author
​Fire Detection & Suppression Sys​tems (required) IFSTA
Fire Protection Handbook (optional) ​NFPA
​Private Fire Protection & Detection  (for online class only) IFSTA
​To Sleep with the Angels, The Story of Fire (recommended) ​Cowan-Kuenster
​102 Minutes - The Story to Survive Inside Twin Towers (recommended) Times Book


​Fire Technology 121, Physical Fitness for Public Safety Personnel ​
​Textbook Author
​Fitness and Health ​Sharkey
Control Notes/Handouts ​SAC