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 Course Description Documents

Download English course SLOs (N50 through 103H) here.
Course Student Learning Outcomes Course Outline of Record
​English N50
N50 COR.pdfN50 COR.pdf
​English N60 N60 COR.pdfN60 COR.pdf
​English 061
061 COR.pdf061 COR.pdf
​English 101 101 COR.pdf101 COR.pdf
​English 101H
101H COR.pdf101H COR.pdf
​English 102

102 COR.pdf102 COR.pdf
​English 102H
102H COR.pdf102H COR.pdf
​English 103
103 COR.pdf103 COR.pdf
​English 103H
103H COR.pdf103H COR.pdf
​English 104 104 SLO.doc104 SLO.doc 104 COR.pdf104 COR.pdf
​English 104H
104H COR.pdf104H COR.pdf
​English 206 206 COR.pdf206 COR.pdf
​English 211 211 COR.pdf211 COR.pdf
​English 212
212 COR.pdf212 COR.pdf
​English 214 214 COR.pdf214 COR.pdf
​English 215
215 COR.pdf215 COR.pdf
​English 220
220 COR.pdf220 COR.pdf
​English 231 231 COR.pdf231 COR.pdf
​English 232
232 COR.pdf232 COR.pdf
​English 233A
233A SLO.doc233A SLO.doc 233A COR.pdf233A COR.pdf
​English 233B 233B COR.pdf233B COR.pdf
​English 233C 233C COR.pdf233C COR.pdf
​English 233D 233D COR.pdf233D COR.pdf
​English 241 241 SLO.doc241 SLO.doc 241 COR.pdf241 COR.pdf
​English 242 242 COR.pdf242 COR.pdf
​English 243 243 COR.pdf243 COR.pdf
​English 245 245 COR.pdf245 COR.pdf
​English 246 246 COR.pdf246 COR.pdf
​English 270 270 SLO.doc270 SLO.doc 270 COR.pdf270 COR.pdf
English ​271 271 COR.pdf271 COR.pdf
​English 272 272 SLO.doc272 SLO.doc 272 COR.pdf272 COR.pdf
​English 278 278 COR.pdf278 COR.pdf
English for Multilingual Students (EMLS)
Download EMLS course SLOs here.
Course Student Learning Outcomes Course Outline of Record
​EMLS 055 EMLS 055 COR.pdfEMLS 055 COR.pdf
EMLS 107​ EMLS 107 COR.pdfEMLS 107 COR.pdf
​EMLS 109 EMLS 109 COR.pdfEMLS 109 COR.pdf
​EMLS 110
EMLS 110 COR.pdfEMLS 110 COR.pdf
​EMLS 112
EMLS 112 COR.pdfEMLS 112 COR.pdf



Other Documents 

​Title ​Document
​DSP&S Statement DSPS Statement.docDSPS Statement.doc
​SAC Mission Statement SAC Mission Statement.docSAC Mission Statement.doc
​SAC Competencies and SLOs SAC Core Competencies and SLOs.docSAC Core Competencies and SLOs.doc
​English Department Mission Statement English Mission Statement.docEnglish Mission Statement.doc
​EMLS Department Mission Statement EMLS Mission Statement.docEMLS Mission Statement.doc


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