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INTERSESSION - Spring 2014

Online ​Orientation

  • ​If you are a registered studentclick here for Online Orientation information.

  • If you are not a registered student and plan to take Online/Hybrid courses for the upcoming semester,  click here to see whether or not Online/Hybrid courses are right for you.​

Online and Hybrid Courses For Intersession 2014

Students enrolling in Online courses will have the opportunity to complete their course work outside of the classroom, although some classes combine on-site testing with online instruction. Blended (hybrid) courses are courses that combine face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning. Students will have required instructional on-campus meetings and online instruction.  Blackboard login:

Go to WebAdvisor for the most accurate and up to date information on the courses listed below:

Accounting 035​ (Online) Quickbooks​ 2​ 83076 ​ Jennifer L. Anderson​
Art 100​ (Online) Introduction to Art Concepts ​ 3​ 82869​ Sharon Brown​
Business 130​ (Online) ​Personal Finance ​3 ​83079 Earl Mitchell
​Counseling 116 (Online) ​Career/Life Planning ​3 ​82937 Dennis Sadler
​English 101(Hybrid) ​Freshman Composition ​4 ​83204 Charles Ramshaw
English103 (Hybrid) ​Critical Thinking and Writing ​4 ​82901 Matthew Beyersdorf
​Engineering 100B (Online) ​Introduction to AEC ​2 ​83070 Susan Sherod
​Human Development 112 (Hybrid) ​Health/Safety & Nutrition for Children ​3 ​83216 Susanne Valdez

​Kinesiology Health 101  (Online)

​Healthful Living ​3 ​83086 David Breig
Kinesiology Health Education102 (Online) ​Women's Health Issues ​3 ​83087 Kim Nutter
Kinesiology Health Education104 (Online) ​Nutrition and Fitness ​3 ​83588 ​Troy Abbey
​Kinesiology Professional 150 (Online) ​Sport and Society ​3 ​83088 ​Flo Luppani
Music 101 (Online) ​Music Appreciation ​3 ​82872 Elliott Jones
Nutrition 115 (Online) ​Nutrition ​3 ​82944 ​Sarah H. Mathot
​Spanish 101 (Hybrid) ​Elementary Spanish I ​3 ​82921 ​Martha Guerrero-Phlaum
Spanish 101 (Hybrid) ​Elementary Spanish I ​3 ​82922 ​Leticia Lopez-Jaurequi
Spanish 102 (Hybrid) ​Elementary Spanish II ​3 ​83528 Martha Guerrero-Phlaum
Spanish 102 (Hybrid) ​Elementary Spanish II ​3 ​83529 Leticia Lopez-Jaurequi